Blind Squirrel Brewery

Phone: 828-765-BREW (828-765-2739)
Address: 4716 S US Hwy 19E, Suite C, Plumtree, NC
Website: www.BlindSquirrelBrewery.com


At Blind Squirrel, we can produce up to 90 gallons of specialty beer daily. I guess you could call us a nano-brewery, but that just fine as we’ve always heard that the best things come in small packages!! What started as a B&B eventually moved to become a small family owned resort now offering an array of activities and attractions making Plumtree, NC a true destination. After a few years of avid homebrewing, the dream to add a brewery to the line-up slowly moved towards reality. After a few more years of recipe formulation and piles of paperwork later, the brewery finally opened in August of 2012. We now brew as a collective know as “Earl the Squirrel.”