Doe Ridge Pottery

Phone: 828-264-1127
Address: 585 W King St, Boone, NC
Website: www.DoeRidgePottery.com


The reasonably-priced pottery is stunning, the form and color exceptional. Bob Meier fell in love with pottery in 1973 after taking a ceramics course on a whim to fill his class schedule at ASU. In 1988, he initially established his studio out of his home on Doe Ridge Road, and since then, Doe Ridge Pottery has moved to a few different locations in Boone. Today, the workshop/gallery is located in downtown Boone and hundreds of beautiful pieces decorate the gallery, which is home to 14 other talented artists - from functional pieces that are safe for food, drink, ovens, microwaves and dishwashers to home decor such as lamps and vases. Also, several specialty items exist, such as handmade sinks and the unusual vegetable steamer. A trip to the gallery sometimes feels like a field trip. The studio is visible from the gallery, and if you walk in at the right time, you may see potters in action, throwing clay on the wheel, entranced in that “Zen-like state.” “I enjoy the process of making things in series where you’re making the same thing over and over again,” Meier said. “You can almost let your mind wander and it’s like a mantra. You get into a zone or Zen-like state. It’s a nice place to be because you get into this rhythm of work that creates a calming, metaphysical zone.” Doe Ridge Pottery is located at 585 West King Street below The Bead Box.