Mast General Store

Phone: 828-262-0000 (Boone), 828-963-6511 (Valle Crucis)
Address: 630 W King St, Boone, NC OR N Carolina 194, Valle Crucis, NC
Website: www.MastGeneralStore.com


Imagine downtown Boone or Valle Crucis without a Mast General Store. It’s almost inconceivable. The store is a tour de force. Whether snow is on the ground or the leaves are green, yellow, red or orange, more visitors pack into the Mast General Store locations in the High Country than they do The Rock during an ASU football game. The stores are packed with the highest-of-quality goods that range from rugged apparel and gourmet kitchenware to old-fashioned toys and women’s fashions that it is also inconceivable to leave the store empty handed. Oh, and don’t forget about the Candy Barrel. It’s an experienced guaranteed to be pleasing. Not only has Mast General Store revived the downtowns that it inhabits, but the Mast General Store Family have been good stewards of the High Country and good neighbors to the so many that call the High Country home.